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dan burgess

hey dino, i'm with you. fluid comms is i think where its at. but a mighty challenge for heavy weight brands to adapt to. but i reckon its the only way if we as people are communictating and existing more and more in this manner, makes most brand communication more distant than ever.


I'm completely incompetent. I meant to post this comment on your teddy bear post. Sorry Dan.


I don't know how I missed this when you initially posted it. Oh yeah, I was in Cuba.

Great post Dan.

I'm becoming more and more curious about the idea of how a brand builds and sustains communications in a much more fluid, always present media environment. As you point out, this is unfolding at the same time as consumers build weaker ties with brands, both in terms of emotional attachment, but also with the smaller movements (like renting things like expensive handbags, or even the idea of simply consuming less stuff altogether!).

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